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Internationalize your company and reach global customers with Consout

Consout consists of a group of professionals hyper-specialized in business internationalization, outsourcing of services, accounting management.

Consout collaborates with:

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Grow your business.

Cons.out is a group of professionals who deal with outsourced consultancy and accounting management, i.e. it offers companies and organizations the possibility of turning to its operators to carry out this type of activity instead of managing them independently, with savings on costs and time to devote to productivity.

Trust the professionals of Consout.

Cons.out also professionally assists Romanian companies or companies that have transferred their registered office and operations to Romania.

That is, it offers, in addition to outsourcing services, a more classic IN-HOUSE management of accounting, financial administration, legal and tax consultancy, up to market research, corporate consultancy, real estate and much more.





Discover the advantages of relying on Consout

“The ability to listen to the customer's needs and the expertise in all tax and fiscal aspects make Consout the ideal studio for tax consultancy and the internationalization of your company!”

Consout is the best choice to internationalize your company and reach global customers.

Consout is now an integral part of our company. Without their skills and professionalism, our company would be lost in a sea of bureaucracy, articles and paragraphs! Their patience and advice are also, for us, a source of teaching for accurate and precise management. Thanks to Consout we can work with serenity knowing that, at all times, we can count on this precious point of reference.

We decided to rely on Consout when we needed to solve an objectively complex problem. I dealt with very competent professionals who were promptly prepared on the updates of tax legislation and outsourcing. The advice they offered in finding the best solution to the problem was very welcome. For other consultations, I have continued and will continue to turn to them with great confidence.

Consout stands out for its professionalism and complete reliability in customer assistance at 360 degrees. The firm's professionals are specialized in both ordinary business accounting and extraordinary consultancy, from tax to corporate matters, always keeping up with the times. In fact, in a constantly evolving world, the study is synonymous with a guarantee for its complete reliability and precision, such as to offer the customer the best service.

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With Consout

With Consout

With Consout

With Consout

With Consout

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Financial Area

  1. Advice and planning of international financial operations;
  2. Assistance in relations with Romanian credit institutions, requests for bank loans;

Corporate Area

  1. Advice and assistance for the creation and implementation of business in the Romanian territory, through resident organizations;
  2. Contractual consultancy on projects and operations conducted by companies incorporated under Romanian law;
  3. Domiciliation of companies at our offices and keeping of the mandatory corporate books;
  4. Management of correspondence and obtaining permits and certifications, preparation of requests for residence permits for foreigners;
  5. Italian-Romanian and Romanian-Italian translations of official deeds, contracts and correspondence.

Tax area, accounting, financial statements

  1. International tax consultancy and planning, auditing and management control services, tax consultancy on the regulation of taxes in Romania, registration with the Financial Offices and management of relations with the tax inspection and control authorities;
  2. Performance of due diligence, check-ups and other targeted checks on companies or branches of companies incorporated under Romanian law;
  3. Preparation of annual and periodic tax returns, bookkeeping, management of employees and ordinary regulatory assistance;
  4. Drafting of financial statements and preparation of periodic economic and financial reports, budget analysis.

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